It’s all about balance…

Tucker’s Business Bite

Time to play is important!  Whether it’s running, chasing something, reading a book, hanging out with important people, or just observing and contemplating life, it’s all good!  I schedule my down time daily so I can cool down and voila – my days are happy and relaxed!  🙂 

The Bottom Line

  • Down times can be active. You don’t need to be still to relax.
  • No time for a break? Remember the “luggage effect”…
    • Have you ever packed for a trip? The luggage seems light at first but if you have to pull it a long way, it starts to feel heavier and heavier. Naturally, you take a break and start again. When you start again, the luggage feels light.
    • At work, taking a short break will help you be more productive. You will be in better shape when you get home.
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